Human Design

What Does a Human Design Reading Entail?


Your Immersive Foundational Reading with Victoria Fenton

Your first reading with Victoria will take you deep into the mechanics of your individuality. Exploring the themes of strength and how you resonate with the world around you, as well as discussing the influence of your openness. You will receive a roadmap for the way you best flow with the universe – and you will feel deeply seen and reassured about your unique ways of processing your life.

What you’ll get:

Focused Readings using Human Design

Deeper analysis opportunities.

Victoria also offers more specific readings for those who want to dive deeper into their own design, for those who have already had an Initial Reading with her. This might involve looking at Psychological Motivation, Primary Health System and nutrition/health assessments, personal career design or Link Node storyline analysis.

Victoria can also support you with Saturn Return Readings, Uranus Opposition Readings and yearly transit or important date readings. If you are interested in one of these readings, please email us with your enquiry and let us know what you’re looking for.

 Begin your journey home to yourself.