What is a Gene Keys Session?


Your Guided Gene Keys Exploration with Victoria Fenton

A Gene Keys session isn’t like a “reading” – it is an opportunity to explore archetypes with Victoria and move through “sequences”. You will delve into your life’s work, evolution, radiance and purpose – as well as the way you close down when facing challenges or relational triggers. Victoria will weave insights from your Human Design and all of your Keys and help you to dance with this transmission, showing how to use it in your life going forwards.

What you’ll get:

Relationship Readings & Gene Keys

Discover your dance…

Victoria offers readings for couples who want to dive more into the Venus Sequence and how their individual patterns dovetail together in their relationship. This is available for anyone who has a significant other with whom they would like to explore their relational dynamics, both out of interest or to support in conflict resolution.

For couples sessions we ask that you email us your request and desires from working with Victoria so we can be sure that this is the right choice for you.

 Begin your dance with the transmission…