Module 12

Immersive Human Design & Gene Keys Readings

Experience being seen in a whole new way and learn about your strengths, gifts, wounds, purpose and the way you move best through the world. An immersive Human Design & Gene Keys session gives you a window into the depths, and the truth, of who you are – and who you were born to be.


What is Human Design?

Human Design (HD) synthesizes ancient wisdoms – including the  I-Ching and astrology – with modern science. The result is a practical system which provides tools for life based on discovering your true nature.

The way Victoria works with Human Design is to explore the map of your lived experience and the underlying elements which influence the way you feel, live and move within the world. She will explain your roles, patterns, tendencies and instincts in a way that will make you feel deeply seen, in a way you perhaps never have been before.

Victoria designs her readings to be immersive, validating and explorative – and you will be able to ask her for support with any current concerns or issues which she will use your design, transits, connection charts – and more – to delve into with you.


What are the Gene Keys?

Gene Keys is a living wisdom exploring the archetypes and evolution of consciousness. They offer insight into the qualities, and shadows, inherent in oneself – and the world.

You don’t need to know ‘your’ Gene Keys to explore, and benefit from, this wisdom. But a journey through one’s patterns and Gene Key sequences is profound: illuminating how we relate to ourselves, to others, to money, to our destiny and to the world.

Victoria uses the Gene Keys as a framework for exploring and transmuting core wounding, shadows, triggers and suffering – whilst providing insights into purpose, passion, destiny & the evolution of consciousness.

About Victoria

Victoria is a world expert in Human Design and Gene Keys. Aged just 17 she began an over-7-year training as one of the first students trained by Ra Uru Hu, the man who introduced Human Design to the world. Victoria studied both foundational and in-depth analysis, including Primary Health System (PHS), Rave Psychology, Cosmology, Relationships, Penta, Wa and OC16 (the science of families and groups) and BG5 business analysis. Victoria also took courses no longer available in the more mystical elements of Human Design – including Dream/Sleep Analysis, Death States, The Mystical Way and much, much more.

When Victoria was 18, she was blessed to meet Richard Rudd, the founder of Gene Keys. She received one of the first Venus Sequence readings – and went on to become involved with the communities which studied and evolved the Gene Keys transmission, including those who gathered with Richard in Devon, UK from 2009-2011.

Moreover, Victoria has lived with these systems as an active part of her life for almost 20 years. This makes her voice and experience unique, and having a reading with her a rare opportunity to be immersed in the wisdom of these teachings from someone in whom they are deeply embodied.

Victoria also runs The Aletheia Group – a hub of healers specializing in holistic, integrative, holographic transformation – and The Unveil Academy, where she trains coaches and healing professionals.

  • Kate MacKinnon
    I first heard about Human Design several years ago when a leader in a group said I was a Projector and everyone else was a Generator or Manifestor. I understood what that meant based on the group, but that was all. When Victoria did my reading, she explained my design in an accessible way that is applicable on a day-to-day basis. What previously didn’t make sense about my choices or ways of being and how I am like or different from other people now make perfect sense based on my design. This insight has provided tremendous freedom, confidence and relief in being exactly who I am! Victoria’s background, training, and capacity to explain this deep work makes her the expert in my book. I can’t recommend working with her enough.
    Kate MacKinnon
    Everyday Feng Shui
  • Heather Nash  - Retired Professional & Long Term Coaching Client
    It was great to have a Human Design session with you … thank you for some amazing insights and validations…So helpful to have an understanding of “oh that’s a true me thing” !
    Heather Nash - Retired Professional & Long Term Coaching Client
  • Brandy Mabra, MHA, ELI-MP, CPC  - CEO | Business Coach & Leadership Expert
    Working with Victoria was amazing. The amount of clarity I received helped me to have more confidence in who I am as a human being and to stop shaming myself for the way I’m designed. She helped me to think differently with how I show up in my business and ways I can build my business around my strengths and weaknesses as a CEO. Victoria is a true gift!!

Listen to what Tricia Brouk - International Award Winning Director, Author, Producer and Founder of The Big Talk Academy had to say about her time with Victoria...

What – or who – will you discover…?

Human Design Deep Dive

Explore yourself through the lens of Human Design. Learn about your aura, decision making strategy, strengths, vulnerabilities & potentials.

Gene Keys Holographic Exploration

Dance with the Gene Keys Transmission, guided by one immersed in these archetypes. Learn your sequences, triggers & evolutional pathways.

Business & Group Analysis

Relational & professional analysis improves a business, partnerships & more. Discover strengths, weaknesses & how to build the perfect team.

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With a Human Design education, your genetic code can be read in detail. That is the work of a professional analyst. This ability to detail our mechanics is profound as it reveals the complete nature in its subtleties… The Human Design System opens the door to the potential of self-love.

Finding self-love also means to find a greater love—a love for life and a love for others through understanding.



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